The Latino Texas Political Action Committee exists to increase the representation of Latinas and Latinos in elected positions and to hold all elected officials accountable to the Latino community, regardless of political party affiliation.


A History of Disproportionate Growth

Texas’ Latino population grew by 56% since 2000, yet Latino political representation has yet to equal this growth – in many places it has even diminished. 

Our Change Mechanism is a Political Action Committee

Members unite as a Committee to pool our financial resources to fund our next generation of political representatives.

Our Mission is Straightforward

It is to restore the balance of political representation to our population.

News and Events

Save the Date – Holiday Party – Wednesday, December 12

Become a Member

Our members represent a diverse group of Texans who invest in being a part of an active political movement.

We are doctors, lawyers, civic servants, teachers, engineers, non-profit professionals, former and current elected officials, and much more.

Above all else we know the importance of funding qualified candidates to represent the Latino community in all levels of Texas’ government.